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Because Sylvie is like million of women,  active, urban, busy and hurry to live, she understood how much the modern women wanted to ensure their beauty, their perfection and even cover their need easily and freely.

This is why, she decided to create a Premium Hair-Care that Color the hair instantly as an "Hair Make-Up“ in Spray with High Quality Ingredients including organic compounds & mineral pigments to color, above all nourish and enhance hair protection with Antioxidant, UV Protector & Hydrating. 

Hair Flash Color was born to offer the #1 Hair Makeup Spray, a product that meet the customers‘ needs and to solve the overstressed hair coloring problems. It reduces the using of harsh chemical coloring and Instantly color, touch up… 

The Magic Product, rich and natural… A  NEW  CONCEPT OF HAIR BEAUTY.



Hair Flash Color is a Unique & Unstoppable concept...

As  you  Make-up  your  face... Now Make-up your hair!TM

A new Hair Beauty Attitude,  calling  a modern daily  gesture, an  overture  for a  phenomenal  hair  beauty  Lifestyle!

An Unstoppable Concept  is  born, placing  Hair Flash Color  in  a  unique  position  on  the  market with the best trendy product  to serve consumers daily.

This «must have product» will disrupt the Hair Dye Market creating a unique and new category. It directly answers to the needs of all women and brings a new fashion trend in the Beauty Industry.

A real  « life saver »  to cover  their  roots.

An amazing « fashion accessory » to color the hair,  easily  and  instantly.


Pleasing our customers is our main target. We listen to your expectations with a lot of attention. Hair Flash Color provide their clients a high quality product that will give a professional result from the comfort of your home as good as at the hairdresser.

We truly believe that nature is essential and this one of the reason why we created a product without harsh chemical. You have to take care of your hair as you take care of yourself.

In addition this, we want to give you the best service. Once the order received, our team works on it to send your package in the following 24h. Because your satisfaction is our reason to live!

The post-sale customer service is efficient. They help them through all the steps to get the best experience possible.


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