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Care Formula Coloring
gives you freedom to manage your Hair beauty.
Easy and ready to use on dry hair without process, washable with one shampoo. it can be  use daily.
Spray-on dry hair away from 8 to 12" to reach the desired part of your hair and touch up or add beautiful color reflection as well as concealing dark or light roots... wait it dry minutes ... brush or blow.
As all Make-Up you need to protect your clothes of some projections even if it's washable with soap/shampoo.
Touch Up, Ligh Up, Cover dark or light Roots, Highlight your Hair or Change tones reflection every day or just for event.
Save time & money as well as reducing the frequency of harsh coloring or in order to reduce and protect overstress hair colored.
It is GOOD for your Hair...
An #1 Hair Make-Up - Hair Care.
Top Quality ingredients, Organic Compound and Natural Mineral pigment Colors.
Dedicated to Beautify your Hair in seconds!
Immediate Color Effect to Sublimate your Hair.
Now, Everywhere, at Anytime manage freely your Hair Beauty, Touch Up or change shade reflect colors in Seconds. 
HAIR FLASH COLOR #1 Hair Make-Up offering Haircare & Temporary Hair Dye.
Its avanced formula protect your Hair with organic compound selected with care ingredients providing:  ANTIOXIDANT   - UV PROTECTOR - HYDRATING.
Highlight your hair with natural MINERAL COLOR PIGMENTS.
HAIR FLASH COLOR can be use daily to Protect & Color your hair instantly.  Available in 5 shades of color.
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