This is a great deal buying 6 Hair Flash Color. 

New offer of SPECIAL PACK of 6 colors :

1 Light Blonde, 1 Golden Blonde, 1 Cooper Red, 1 Light Brown, 1 Dark Brown, 1 black + 1 free Men Brown. Pack: ProLine


Ultra Temporary Hair Color combining Haircare & Instant Hair Dye.
Beautify your hair in seconds... Every day or just for event.
Washes out with 1 shampoo. Water resistant.

Touch Up, Light Up, Cover Light or Dark Roots, Highlight your Hair or Change Tones Reflection in Seconds.
Immediate Color Effect to Sublimate your Hair.

HAIR FLASH COLOR is Antioxidant, UV Protector & Hydrating.
Nourish & Protect with Vitamin E and rich oil ingredients:

Easy and ready to use, without process.

1. Shake    2. Spray on hair    3. Style


It gives you the freedom to create your Hair beauty by soft color coverage.

Make-Up Your Hair ... Give Haircare & Shiny Coloring !

( unit Travel sized product - 90ml - 2.3oz)

Hair Flash PACK of 6 Color Spays

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