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With a current estimated US market of $47 billion, the cosmetics market has been showing an important increasing growth. The Hair Dye Industry alone has a US market of $15 billion, but on top of that, this sector is doing a spectacular expansion, with a forecast of an average 10% growth annually.
An important feature driving this growth is the fact that US population is one of the most multicultural in the world, and a such, has a need for products that reach all social classes. Hair has a visible influence on self-esteem and is, as well, a great reflection of personality. Nowadays, people wish to look young and trendy; as such, colored its hair has become a lifestyle for many. With this, however, comes strong concerns that consumers are facing: the health quality products, additionally its efficiency and rapidness, because dyeing hair is a recurrent maintenance process that damage hair when product are chemical.
Our product HAIR FLASH COLOR is the only in its category fully capable of satisfying the consumer by providing Natural and Healthy quality products. As the new generation of beauty products, HAIR FLASH COLOR is the the answer to the needs and desires of million persons who color their hair.
As well, our differentiating marketing comes from the message of the new attitude to adopt, with the slogan "Make-up your Hair", that calls the consumer to venture to new beauty experiences.
The advantage of being a distributor of HAIR FLASH COLOR: Provide the latest trend of indispensable product in the hair coloring industry, which is both healthy product and innovative product that cover the right needs, therefore offering an affordable luxury product, targeted to the mass market.
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