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An Extraordinary Product!

Next generation of Hair Product ...

Hair Flash Color #1 Hair Make-Up


Just magic, an Immediate Effect in Hair Coloring  to illuminate the Hair and gives perfect finish color in seconds. 

Easy Spray on dry hair, it is a Temporary Hair Dye always ready to use which Highlight,Touch Up or more in 5 Natural shades coloring that bring Shine and Formidable Hair tones reflection, as well as cover Dark or Light roots instantly.


In Addition it is a  Premium Haircare  taillored with High Quality Ingredients with organic compounds, pure oils, vitamine E, 100% essential oil perfum & Mineral pigments to color, nourish and enhance hair protection with Antioxidant, UV protector & Hydrating, that meet the customers' needs and to reduce using harsh chemical coloring products by solving the overstressed hair coloring problems.

Its Mineral pigment dyes the hair by a soft coloring coverage and give perfection to natural shining colors.





 An Unstoppable Concept! 

Hair Beauty Revolution...


Make-Up Your Hair! 

From Paris to Miami!

                   Everyone talk About...

As you Make-Up your Face, Make-Up your Hair !
It was so obvious today to manage our Hair Beauty as an accessory of our trendy, urban or Beauty Lifestyle. 
Just Adopt a new daily gesture that gives freedom for the hair beauty color, saving time and money.
Join the Revolution!
Every dayEverywhere,
at Anytime, manage freely
your Hair Beauty color.
Make Up Your Hair... 

Designed  by  women  for  women!

                                        A Women's Story !                  










Sylvie, like millions of other women dyes her hair. Taking care of them on a daily basis is a real and recurrent constraint for her, even if she knows that she has no choice. As a regular user of all existing products, she was never completely satisfied with what she could find, and above all could not understand why no product existed as a touch up color that instantly color hair between harsh coloring process, and why nobody has ever thought of offering a temporary hair color product that would, at the same time, be good and protecting for the hair. Maybe, the dye product industry had no interest to launch a product that would help women postpone their next color service and therefore purchase of regular product? Managed easily hair coloring and hair caring, at anytime, anywhere, was for her the obvious beauty freedom that women dream of.



She was focused to design a Premium Haircare that Color the hair instantly as an "Hair Make-Up". 

After months, she has taillored the right hair color product in Spray with High Quality Ingredients including organic compounds as three excellent pure oils, vitamine E, 100% essential oil perfum ... & Mineral pigments to color, above all nourish and enhance hair protection with Antioxidant, UV protector & Hydrating. The productl that meet the customers' needs to solve the overstressed hair coloring problems and reduce using harsh chemical coloring products or to make-up the hair Light Up, touch Up Cover Roots,... This new category product is an alternative as well indispensable completing product dedicated to Hair Beauty.


HAIR FLASH COLOR #1 Hair Make-Up, the only one product that PROTECT & COLOR in same time.




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