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Offer your Fans, followers, friends ... to discover Hair Flash Color with 10%off special discount CODE on their purchases and You as HAIR FLASH COLOR Partner/Ambassador Affiliates earn 10% commissions on all purchases.
A real win to win program, with 10% earn commission for you and 10% OFF discount for your friends, fans, followers or any referral customers using your CODE on all and unlimited purchases on
Now, Everywhere, at AnytimeBeautify your Hair!
and manage freely your Hair Beauty, 
change shade reflect colors
in Seconds.
PROTECT & COLOR...   It's GOOD for your Hair. 
Just Magic!
Protect & Color your hair in a seconds. Just spray on dry hair to Illuminate your hair in a Flash.
Combining Top Quality ingredients : Organic compound and Natural Mineral pigment Colors.
The Hair Flash Color Brand Ambassador Program is a program dedicated to our Partner/Ambassadors. It will allow for the building of trustworthiness, brand awareness, and audience expansion and development for both Hair Flash Color and its brand partner/ ambassadors.
Your Unique Partner CODE 
We offer a SPECIAL DISCOUNT for your fans, friends, followers or other community members as customer purchase. We provide you a dedicated unique CODE to apply discount and for your referral identification …
The DISCOUNT CODE is your unique number CODE that identify your referred customers and all the purchase made by them, this identification code will give you 10% reverse as revenue, as well it applies 10% OFF as a discount for your customers. 
Each month, we will reverse your collected amount to your account. While in partnership, the code will have unlimited use and as soon as a purchase is done with you CODE, even if its by the same referred client, the discounts will always apply, because your referral is yours and you will certainly generate recurring purchases of the Hair Flash Color spray from them.
Take your Immediate advantage Partner CODE !
How to proceed. Easy, You only give your dedicated DISCOUNT CODE that we have provided you and with our partner program you will receive 10% on all the purchases that you have referred to us. For Immediate advantage, Just Display your CODE, using pictures or information about Hair Flash Color products on your website or on your Social media page or blog … with links, pictures that offer to discover Hair Flash Color while enjoying 10% Off  their purchase.
                                                                                                                              To start Fill the form above
 All brand partner / ambassadors:
                          - must be 18 years old or older.  
                          - muat have a Paypal Account.
                          - has required to have Social media accounts
                             (facebook and/or other and/or Blog or/and website
                             or all other communication way.
is #1 Hair Make-UP
instant HAIR-CARE nourish & Protect
TEMPORARY HAIR DYE to Beautify your Hair
in seconds!
Immediate Color Effect to Sublimate your Hair.
BECOME An Ambassador ... free Partner.                                          Enjoy Advantage TODAY


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